Antimicrobial Duct

Do you have mold in your HVAC air distribution system?

If mold is present in your home, you may require an air distribution system that is designed to repel mold growth. If moisture is present in an HVAC system, the potential for mold growth exists. An HVAC system may contribute to indoor air quality (IAQ) problems when not protected against contaminants. JPL’s AMBlue II antimicrobial flexible ductwork was specifically engineered to resist mold growth.

Learn more about the merits of AMBlue II by watching this short video (or) read and learn more at AMBlue II.

AMBlue II mold resistant flexible ductwork may not be in stock in your local area but can be shipped within 10 days or less. The additional cost to install AMBlue II vs a conventional HVAC air distribution system is less than $1.00 per lineal foot. Your HVAC contractor can call 1-800-255-FLEX to find the closest JPL distributor in your area.


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