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It’s Still Hot – So Let’s Be Thankful for Air Ducts

             UL celebrates more than 120 years of fire safety testing by honoring and remembering our rich contribution to fire safety testing with an informative series that brings a direct focus on the reaction to fire characteristics of building...

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TECH CORNER – Air Ducts vs. Air Connectors

What is the difference between an Air Duct and Air Connector? Both Air Ducts and Air Connectors are tested per the UL 181 standard.  Air Ducts are required to pass fifteen (15) UL 181 tests whereas an Air Connector...

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Experience the Difference – Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Everyone in the flex duct business gets a passing grade meeting and complying with UL-181. Many of the 16 UL-181 tests date back to 1962 when the standard was first adopted. UL-181 has been a good standard over the...

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ADC Look for the Logo

JPL, along with other major flex duct manufacturers, founded the Air Diffusion Council (ADC) in 1988. Since ADC’s founding, JPL has been an active participant and member for 27 years. By 1988, flex duct was the air distribution system...

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1.5″ Wire Pitch

The importance of 1.5″ wire pitch, heavier wire gauge and positive wire cast The minimum wire helix in a Class 1 air duct is determined by UL-181 impact and collapse tests. The impact test requires dropping a 15-pound sandbag...

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JPL Pressure & Temperature Test

JPL tests and publishes positive pressure rating in accordance with ADC Test Code FD 72-R1. In the FD 72-R1 pressure and temperature test, the duct is tested in a 90 degree elbow configuration at 140 degrees F for 164...

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