Featured Product – AMBlue Antimicrobial

In 2002, JPL engineered, tested and introduced the first antimicrobial flexible air duct in the USA that resisted the formation of mold, fungi, and mildew. That was smart thinking on our part – What wasn’t as smart was devoting a lionshare of our AMBlue marketing efforts towards new residential construction.

It turns out that a majority of AMBlue sales occur when older HVAC equipment is replaced by proactive & successful HVAC contractors who concentrate on equipment change outs. These contractors discuss with homeowners not only equipment change outs but other energy saving components that have a good ROI. Replacing old ducts with 1” insulation and occasional leaks, with ducts that have R8 thermal value, no leaks, and resists mold, fungi, and mildew is a win-win for the HVAC contractor and the homeowner.

The catch is, AMBlue needs to be locally in stock. No local inventory, no sales.  JPL appreciates your concerns to stock AMBlue. Your initial AMBlue stock order of $3,000 + will have payment terms of 2% 30 Days, Net 90 Days. In addition, purchase an inventory of AMBlue in the next 6 months (by 3/31/19) and you can return the AMBlue without restocking charges any time before 3/31/20 (you will only be asked to pay the return freight charges).

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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