Featured Product – MNI25 Non-Insulated

MNI25 Non-Insulated UL-181 Connector shipments Increase!

A competitive price is always important but high quality and improved packaging have made MNI25 shipments soar this year!

High quality in a non-insulated flex duct is easy to identify. JPL’s MNI25 is constructed with durable aluminum foil (not metalized polyester) in the lamination. The wire gauge and pitch (spacing) is another way to identify high quality. The wire spacing should be 1 1/2″ or less. JPL’s new MNI25 packaging is “Best in Show!”

If you are not stocking and offering JPL’s MNI25 you may be missing a great opportunity.

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MNI 3-4″ – 12 per carton
Each MNI is also packed individually
MNI 5-20″ – 4 per carton
Each MNI is also packed individually


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