Replacing HVAC Equipment – Don’t overlook Duct Work

Replacing HVAC Equipment – Don’t overlook Duct Work

When Replacing HVAC Equipment – Don’t overlook your Duct Work – Every heating & air conditioning equipment replacement conversation between an HVAC contractor and homeowner should also include a discussion evaluating the need to resize, reseal, repair or replace the original duct work. If the duct work is 25+ years old, replacing with new ducts with higher thermal values and little if any leakage is an excellent return on investment (ROI) for the homeowner and adds resale value to the home.

A Quiet Home – Many, if not all Insulated flex ducts are quieter than sheet metal ducts. If you have any “noisy” registers in your home Small JPL can solve or minimize your “HVAC noise” problems. The 3 most common home “HVAC noise complaints” are bedrooms, dining room or a private screening room. Click:  AMR25 Acoustic Flex Duct Product Data to learn more about reducing noise in your home.

Mold Concerns – Does your home have mold or are you concerned mold may grow in your HVAC ducts? If mold is present in your HVAC ducts you need to replace the ducts (not clean the ducts). Also, if moisture is present in your HVAC system, the potential for mold growth exists. Small JPLAMBlue ll Antimicrobial Flex Duct was specifically engineered to resist mold growth. Learn more about the merits of AMBlue ll by Clicking: AMBlue ll Antimicrobial Video

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Learn More About Thermal R-Values, Warranty, Formaldehyde, Etc. – Click: Frequently Asked Questions

Last but not least – Only work with a licensed HVAC professional and installers and always look for the UL logo.


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